Parker saw a ladybug today and quickly identified its elytra.  How many three year olds know what elytra is?  They would if they watched The Fascinating World of Insects!  He watched the video with us while it was in production and learned several interesting facts and details about the insects.  Now, he is able to interact with the insects he sees and talk about them at a higher level than other kids his age.  Just by watching The Fascinating World of Insects, he’s been given an opportunity to increase his vocabulary now that should enable him to achieve at a greater level later.

“The Zoo is Fun!”

Logo used until 2011
Logo used until 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a fantastic day at the zoo!  I packed up the kids, the wagon, a picnic lunch, and headed out for Woodland Park Zoo.  Before we even got past the first exhibit, Parker exclaimed, “The zoo is fun!”  Most of the animals were out in view, which allowed for many questions about why the animals look a certain way or do what they do.  We were able to observe feeding time for several animals, as well.  It was fun to talk with Parker about the animals and their habitats and to answer the several hundred questions he asked.  I loved watching Brandon’s reaction to the different animals, too.  He seemed indifferent to many, but smiled at the meerkat exhibit, squealed when he saw the elephants, and roared at the lions.

I felt this was such a valuable experience for both of my boys.  Parker is at a point in his development where he is able to ask specific questions regarding the animals’ food, actions, and habitats.  He’s very curious and this was an opportunity for me to turn our day trip into a daylong science lesson. Brandon, on the other hand, is learning to identify animals and what sounds they make.  He was able to see, firsthand, the animals that we see pictures of and talk about at home.  I believe it made a difference seeing the animals in person and helped him improve his vocabulary and language. By going to the zoo, my boys can learn about the world around them. We’ll definitely return in the coming months.