Momma’s Bacon Reviews The Fascinating World of Mammals

Jeanna with Momma’s Bacon reviewed The Fascinating World of Mammals.  We’re thrilled that she and her daughter enjoyed it!

“This Innovative Series Builds Confidence in Science through Fun and Interesting Content

The Fascinating World of…..Series has just begun to produce high quality science DVDs that children will relate to such as insects, birds and mammals.  I was more interested in reviewing the mammals DVD since Brooke is all about animals like bears, kangaroos, elephants – well, pretty much any mammal you can find at our local zoo.  I knew she would love to hear and see more about the mammal’s natural habitat and see the various continents in which these animals originate (Africa and Asia to name a few).

The Fascinating World of Mammals DVD is a useful and interesting guide for children and adults alike and is the perfect video for home education or home schooling.  Many items are said over many times for repetitive learning and similarities are talked about between the different mammals.  Interesting facts are injected throughout the video including how a beaver builds a dam and which mammal is the only flying mammal.  The website talks about this being a perfect review before your family checks out a zoo or wildlife park. It is a very useful guide and one that you will want to watch again and again which has been Brooke’s request.  Oh, one thing I love and had to mention is that it isn’t a mind-numbing hours long DVD.  It’s a great length for young children and enough time to get a special dinner ready without little ones stepping underfoot.  Highly recommended!”

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