A Child’s Review of the Fascinating World of Insects

At BrainFood Learning we always look forward to feedback about our animal videos. The feedback usually comes from parents or grandparents of young children after watching our animal DVDs.  However, we received a nice letter from an eleven year old after she and her siblings watched the Fascinating World of Insects DVD. This type of review affirms our belief that our animal videos appeal to kids across a broad age range. We are excited to see that this age range extends from 2 up to 11 years of age. The review is below.

The Fascinating World of Insects: I loved everything about this film! The voiceover was great, both voices were really friendly. I thought the big words were really cool, I learned a lot of new words today! I loved the pictures, they were really big and colorful and you could really see what the insects look like up close. The video clips were so amazing; I really enjoyed watching all the insects up close. I learned a lot with this video, I think it’s really educational. Teachers should definitely use this video in the classroom. The quiz at the end was a really good idea. When kids watch this, they will be able to refresh their memory of all the new things they learned! My favorite part was the music! The music was so cute and happy it was really cute; Kids are going to love this video!


Peyton (Age 11)